Look at this.

I am posting for the second time this week.

Well, I took a day off so, I got some extra time. Thus, I thought, I must acknowledge this award given to me by the lovely BeautyKnowsNoFlaws as soon as I can. Than you so much Bobby!

BeautyKnowsNoFlaws is a blog full of beauty; as the title already suggests. Bobby is an amazing makeup artist. Her makeup is soft and natural but the look still manages to stand out. But that is not all, she also discusses life in general in her series called dear diary. Do check her out!


Each nominee must THANK the person who nominated them and link their blog in post
They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image
Must add 7 facts about them
Then nominate 15 people

7 facts about me:

1. I stress out a lot. Almost 24/7.

2. I used to be a person full of self doubt. Now I am much better.

3. Crocheting calms me down.

4. I always wanted to start an online business. I think my dream is going to come true. (I think)

5. I love those ice lollies. Like the Jetsport ice cream. (or ice lolly).

6. I am very blunt. I don’t know how to not be straightforward.

7. I once tried to sell a crocheted mobile cover online. It did not sell. 😛

My Nominees are……

Some wonderful wonderful blogs. I would say some really talented ladies are going to take over wordpress. In sha Allah. CHECK EACH ONE OUT! You won’t be disappointed.

A lot of them are crochet blogs. Well, you know why.



Raising Rayyaan



Scottish Muslimah

Ruthie’s Crafting Corner



Renate Kirkpatrick’s Freeform


Storyland Amis


I am looking forward to all of your responses! All the best!

Till then stay in touch with me on Facebook.


Remember this photo?


If you are in touch with me on Facebook, you would know, I posted this photo last week and asked you all to guess what it is. One replied, it is a muffler. Well, it does look like one. However, it is something a lot better. At least in my opinion. Because, you don’t need a muffler in the hot and humid city that I live in. But, you certainly need a WALLET regardless of the weather conditions.

I gifted this wallet to my male cousin. After completing it, I showed it to my aunt to get it approved (she is a senior crocheter so I take her suggestions) and, the first thing she says is, “It looks like it is for a girl.”

I agree. 100%.

But I still managed to convince myself that it is for both the genders. You know. Neutral.

Anyway! Whether you make it for a man or a woman, it is certainly a pretty present to give to someone. It’s easy to crochet, the method is straightforward and will *hopefully* be very useful.

Before we begin, let me tell you, I did not have a plan while crocheting it; I just thought I would get lucky. That is why the pattern is not up to the mark.

What I used:

3 mm Crochet Hook. Beige color yarn- Brand, Super Robin Double Knit. Light yellow color yarn- Brand, Lana Para. Both are 100% acrylic.

The size:

Length=15cm. Breadth=I forgot to measure it. And now I gifted it. Sorry.


Sc=Single Crochet.

Dc=Double Crochet

What I did.

First crochet the two beige rectangles. 

For the wider rectangle, ch 17 and dc in all sts to form the foundation ch. Then dc in all the rows until the length was 15cm. That would probably make 15-16 rows.

For the other rectangle, ch 15 and dc in all sts to form the foundation ch. Repeat the same steps as the first rectangle.


In the second rectangle I dc on one side to increase the height and give a finished look. The other sides will be joined together.

It will look ugly now.

Second, join the two rectangles. 

Simply put both the rectangles edge to edge. Take the other color and single crochet the edging together. Sc all around the wallet. You should get an edging like the one you see in the second photo.



Third. Make a rectangle with the other color. 

Using the other color, crochet another 15cm long rectangle the same way. Then, join it with the rest of the wallet the same way explained in step 2. Well you are halfway done.


Fourth, make the strap.

Ch 20. Dc in 2nd ch. Dc in all next chs leaving the last. 6dc in the last ch.

Opp side: Dc in all next chs including the last ch. Then Ch 5. sl st into 1st dc to join.

Take the other color, and hdc all around the strap.

Then sew it at the top of the first rectangle. Not into it. only at the top.


Fifth, sew the button.

Sew the button in the same manner and you are done.

It is lengthy ; but, it is easy. And, beginner friendly. You are free to ask me anything you did not understand.

Stay in touch with me on Instagram and Facebook  to stay up to date with my crochet adventures. I kind of show the “behind the scenes”.

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I am at that point in the semester when I finally realize that I have to put some effort to avoid failing my subjects.

Okay, not exactly fail; but, at least maintain my GP.

I spent the first 1.5 months of the semester just crocheting. I invested whatever time I got after school to plan new projects, design new patterns and think about better ways to Photograph them. However, I did not score well in few of my courses and, I realized, I have to get my act together. Thus, you see me posting only once a week instead of the three times I usually did. 

And that is the very reason, this post got delayed.

But worry not, I am finally writing it; it is not anything massive; but well, it is something I want to share.

I use crocheting to escape from all the stress university gives me. Crochet is a stress reliever; and this blog is my happy place. Therefore, I was overjoyed when my order finally arrived on 11th March.
There is a very unique kind of joy one feels when they receive their favorite craft supplies. Moreover, I love the smell fresh supplies. For me, only staring at colorful, brand new yarns can be a therapy. 

Okay, slight exaggeration. But you know what I mean.

I bought seven yarns and a set of crochet hook. All  yarns are double knit. Simply, because double knit is my favorite type of yarn at the moment. And, it’s​ the best for baby shoes. It is strong and soft at the same time. Five of the yarns are from the brand Super Robin. The other two are from Bally. The only reason I brought another brand is because they had the two colors I wanted. Well, there is no harm in trying​ something new. 

Then, I bought a set of 14 hooks. I did feel it would be a waste of money. But, I really wanted everything in one delivery cost. Basically, I don’t use the hooks sized below 3mm. And, I really don’t know where I will use the 10mm hook. But, we never know, these might come handy.

So, AlhamduLillah. This is pretty much it. I purposely ordered some dull colored yarn to contrast it with the brighter colors. Let’s see how that goes. Till then, stay up to date with my crochet adventures on Facebook and Instagram

Adorable Baby Shoes- Free Crochet Pattern.

This day has arrived.

The day I am publishing my very own original crochet pattern. AlhamduLillah!

I crocheted this pair for my nephew who I adore very much. I am very proud to say that I am going to gift him something original. Something specifically designed for him. In sha Allah.


Well, let’s just dive into it.

What I used:

3 mm Crochet Hook. Beige color yarn- Brand, Robin Double Knit. Pink color yarn- Brand, Lana Para. Both are 100% acrylic.

The size:

3.5 inch sole.


Sc=Single Crochet.

Hdc=Half double crochet

Dc=Double Crochet

Dc2tog= double crochet two together.

Sts= stitches

Sl st=Slip Stitch


Row 1: Ch 13. 2dc in the second chain from the hook. Dc in the next five chains. Hdc in the next 3 chains. Sc in the next 2 chains. 6hdc in the last chain.

Opposite side of the chain: Sc in the next 2 chain. Hdc in the next 3 chains. Dc in the next 5 chains. 4 dc in the last chain. Slip stitch into the 1st double crochet.


Row 2: 2dc in each of the next 3 stitches. Dc in the next 8 stitches. 2hdc in each of the next 6 stitches. Dc in the next 11 stitches. 2dc in each of the next 3 stitches. Slip stitch in the 1st double crochet to join. (42 sts)


Row 3: Ch 1. Dc in the same stitch as ch1. Dc all around in all stitches . Slip stitch into the 1st double crochet to join.

Row 4: Ch 1. Dc in the same stitch. Dc in the next 2 stitches. One dc2tog. Dc in next 10 stiches. One dc2tog. Dc in next 6 stitches. One dc2tog. Dc in next 10 stitches. One dc2tog. Dc in next 6 stitches. Sl st in the 1st dc to join.

Row 5: Ch1. Hdc into the same st.  Hdc in all the sts all around. Sl st to join. Fasten off.



Row 1: Ch10. Hdc from the second ch from the hook. Hdc in all the following chains. Turn.

Row 2: Ch1. Hdc in all sts. Turn.

Row 3: Ch1. Hdc in all sts. Turn.

Row 4: Ch1. Skip first st. (along with the Ch1). Hdc in all next sts. Turn.

Row 5: Ch1. Skip first st. (along with the Ch1). hdc in all next sts. Turn.

Row 6: Ch1. Skip first st.(along with the Ch1). hdc in all next sts. Don’t fasten off.


At this point, hdc all around the edges of the tongue until you reach the point where you started. Slip stitch into the 1st hdc. Fasten off.17199036_10210646888865719_55731591_n17229942_10210646894425858_482520362_o


Now turn your work inside out so that the right side of the upper is facing towards you. Align your tongue (again the right side facing toward you) with the front of the upper. Count the front 12 stitches of the tongue. Count the front 12 stitches of the upper. Align the 12 stitches of both the parts. Insert your hook in the first stitches of both the tongue and the upper. Put your pink yarn over the hook and pull through both the stitches. Then ch1 to secure the stitch.


Insert your hook in the second stitches the same way. Pull the yarn through both stitches and single crochet normally.


Do this throughout one side of the tongue. When the tongue ends, sc normally throughout the heel of the shoes where there is only one stitch. Then when you reach the tongue again, sc through both the stitches of the tongue and the upper. Sl st into the 1st sc. Fasten off.


Now weave in all your yarn.


Leave a long tail while making the loop. Ch11. Dc in the second ch from the hook. Dc in the next 8 sts. 6 dc in the last st.

Opposite side: Dc in all sts. Ch 5. Sl st into the first dc. Fasten off.

Insert the long tail into a yarn needle and sew it to the pink border you single crocheted along the tongue. Weave in the yarn and fasten off. Please be careful with the sides. It will be sewn on a different side on each shoe. 

Now sew a button of your choice and…… there you go! You are done! I hope this pattern benefited you.

I know how difficult it can be to follow a written pattern. So, don’t worry! You are free to ask me anything in the comments below. I will try to explain again all that you found confusing in sha Allah!

Also, stay in touch with me on Facebook and Instagram.

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We finally hit that century.

Yes we did. 

My Creative Hut community has finally reached the number 100!

All thanks to Allah for this success.

Yes success. For me this is a great achievement.

For many this might be a very small number. But for me, it is so much more. It makes me realize that all the hardwork that I put in the last 2.5 months did not go to waste. There are 100 people out there who want to be a part of My Creative Hut family. I cherish each and everyone of you. Every single like, every single comment and every single follow kept me going. All through out I had so many doubts but, the WordPress community never let me give up. There was always someone out there to support me. You all are truly amazing!

Here is a small progress I made through these 2 months that I want to share with you guys. Why, you are wondering? Simply, because I know there are so many of you out there wondering, when will you get followers. Well, I want to tell you with sheer hardwork, deligence and patience you will. In Sha Allah! When I took a screenshot of the 20 followers notification, nobody told me you will reach a 100 after a few months. But, I had this desire, this determination. And by the grace of Allah I can finally screenshot the 100 followers notification. 

Look, my point is very simple. You need to Believe. Believe in yourself. But most of all believe in Allah! 

I know I have not reached the peak of success. But this still means so much to me. And, I know there is always room for improvement; always room for progress. 

AlhamduLillah for everything. 


I have always had this desire for taking brilliant photos of an eye shadow palette. You know the ones you see in a magazine. However, I don’t seem to be getting it right. Nonetheless, I decided to take photos of this eye shadow palette using different backgrounds. Just as an experiment. Capturing eye shadow is a bit difficult. I have to make sure that the colors in the photos are exactly like the original . I wanted to see how different backgrounds can change the colors and the overall look of the picture.

I personally, love the first picture. It  exhibits all the colors almost exactly how they are. Moreover, the cream background helps the colors stand out. The second picture is good as well but, I feel like it makes the colors look a bit dull. I don’t like the last picture. The chocolate background squeezes the colors out of the palette and makes them look very dull. In fact, all colors look slightly yellow in the last photo.

Hope this post benefits you. Also find me on.

Facebook and Instagram.

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Only recently I was looking through my posts and came across Someday, you will find success.

I was having a slightly rough day. I was feeling quite demotivated. So, I read this post and for the first time in my life my, own words lifted me up.

I am my biggest critique. I never like my work. I find fault in all that I do. But, this time i was surprised to see what I have written. After such a long time, I truly appreciated myself. I added a little more to that article and now I am sharing  it with you all because I want to uplift your mood as well.

Take a look at the post here. Hope it benefits you.


Are you searching for simple moccasins pattern?

Then this is the perfect post for you!

I crocheted this for my nephew who entered this world on Saturday night. AlhamduLillah!!

It was one of the simplest patterns I have come across. I have only recently started crocheting baby shoes and booties and most patterns are quite complex. The best part about this the way everything is explained with pictures. I don’t know about you guys; but, I don’t understand patterns with diagrams. This pattern is written in such a simple manner. Simple terminologies are used. If you have gained enough knowledge about crochet, let’s say, all the main stitches. And, you have made a couple of projects like bags and hats then you are very good to go. In fact, even beginners can take a risk. I used to do that a lot ;).  Oh and it’s completely free on craftsy.com. So go download this pattern and crochet adorable booties! All the best!

Hope this post benefits you.

The Liebstar Award

You guys don’t know how happy I am while writing this post. A big thank you to Sanchali07wanderer for nominating me! Go check her blog out or else you will be missing out.

Just like all awards I have to complete some tasks so let’s dive into it.


Let’s start from rule no. 2.

 Questions asked by Sanchali :

1.What is your greatest achievement outside blogging?  

Getting into IBA (Institute of business administration). IBA is a renowned university of Pakistan and it’s quite tough to pass the aptitude. This is something I never thought I could do but with the help of Allah I was successful.

2.What are your nicknames? You prefer to be called?

In all honesty, I have a number of nicknames. Th list is too long. I like to be called from my original name that is “Sundus”.

3. How many days could you last in solitary confinement and how?

Not more than a day. By crying my heart out.

4.What are the top three qualities that draw you to someone new?

Humble. Smile. Friendly attitude.

5.Which animals scare you most?

Lizard. They freak me out!

6.What would your autobiography be called?

Hmm. A journey or colors and arts. I guess. 😛

7.What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?

There were so many strange things. But I can remember any of it. 😛

8.Where is your fav place to take out an out of town guest?

Back in Riyadh there is this restaurant by the name of “Tazej”. Their food is amazing!

9.Are you good at keeping secrets?

You have to inform me that it’s a secret. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee anything.

10. The recent compliment received?

My speech communication instructor told me I “surprise” her *pleasantly*. Speech communication is a course in my university that teaches us how to give speeches.

11.Your patronus?

I did not know what a patronus was so I googled it.  After a while discovered it’s Orca. I did read and watch the harry potter series. 😛  After a while discovered it’s Orca.

Facts about me.

  1. I love french fries. I can’t spend a week without eating some fries. However, I have to cut down on it because well, nobody wants to be overweight.
  2. I love photography.
  3. I know coding, but, I am not that good at it.
  4. I am a family girl. Yes, if given a choice between friends and family, I will choose family. I just love them too much.
  5. I am overly attached to my mother. People call me a mama’s girl. I am not ashamed. I have parents who care about me.
  6. I had low self-esteem once. Like the severe one.
  7. I can be very wise at times. Like very. But I am mostly foolish.
  8. I create a mess when I am working. Like cooking or crocheting.
  9. I love honesty and honest people.
  10. I talk a lot.
  11. I stress out a lot.

Now I will pass this award on to some of the best blogs on wordpress!






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My questions for you guys are.

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. How do you define success?
  3. Where do you want to be in 2 years?
  4. What is your best quality?
  5. What is your worst flaw?
  6. What is your greatest achievement?
  7. What is your life changing moment?
  8. Describe yourself in one sentence.
  9. What are you most passionate about?
  10. Why did you start blogging?
  11. How did blogging help you?

How to teach yourself crochet-Beginner’s Guide

I learned crochet about four to five years ago.

During that time, it was quite a rare craft. At least for me.  I didn’t know even a single crocheter around me. In fact, I didn’t even know what “crochet” meant.

Luckily, unlike the community I belong to, crochet was still somewhat popular on the internet. And, one fine morning I stumbled upon this craft and thought, “how did they do it with a single needle? I want to learn this too!” And so, the journey began.

From the right yarn to the right hook I learned a number of things during this time which I want to share with you all so your learning process can be easier.

  • Youtube is Vast. Obvious, isn’t it? Well I do know many of you might have already come across this video. However, you need to focus on how to watch the videos. Youtube requires patience. The videos can be long and there will be a few things that you will find difficult to comprehend. Watch the video again and again to understand the steps. Notice how they hold the hook and how they hold the yarn. See, in which stitch they are inserting the hooks. And so on.
  • The Right Hook. Okay, so there are instructions in the video for the right size of hook. But, let me give you my input as well. I recommend you use 5-6 mm crochet hook. Do not use any hook smaller than 5 mm right now. The process should be as easy as possible so that you don’t give up.
  • The Right Yarn. It doesn’t matter if your yarns are of low quality right now. In fact, I recommend you use cheap yarns in the beginning. Yarns can be expensive. But, use thick yarns.They should also be bright in colors. It’s very difficult to make out the stitches when a dark color yarn is used. Even expert crocheters have trouble with dark colors.
  • Start with short and easy projects. Okay, so you saw this gorgeous crochet sweater. But my dear friend don’t start crocheting it immediately after you learn how to make a chain. Choose small projects that you can finish quickly. This way you will see results and that will motivate you to make more projects. Some examples could be, small clutches, wallets, coin purse, boxes, table cloth, small mats.
  • Follow the pattern. even if it doesn’t make sense. There are many things that don’t make sense in life. So don’t worry when you read “2 sc in the same stitch” and you see your project taking a different shape compared to the original project. There are many factors that can change your project; the type of yarn, the type of hook and so on. But you should keep  working according to the pattern and it will eventually work out. Maybe not exactly the same. But you will make something close.
  • Another benefit of following patterns is that you will learn new types of stitches. For example, you know single and double crochet. But the pattern is asking for a sc2tog. Then just watch a tutorial that teaches that stitch and you are good to go!

The most important element is obviously steadfastness. People give up because it seems very confusing in the beginning. Once you get the hang of it, it will become fun. So stay positive, stay hopeful and work hard. And remember it is certainly not as tough as squats. Hope these tips help you.

© All images are the properties of My Creative Hut.