Peach and Mint Cooler


When summer arrives, my family asks for different types of drinks every now and then. And now that we are in the month of Ramadan (AlhamduLillah) my mother and sister have become engrossed in creating mouth watering beverages for aftaar 😀

Peach and Mint cooler is completely my sister’s creation. But it was so delicious I could not help sharing it here. It was cool and refreshing!


So here you go!

A very light drink. Great to have at aftaars.
1 peach
4-5 tablespoon lemon juice
Sugar (to taste)
2 cups chilled water
1 cup Mirinda orange or 7up (optional). she used Mirinda orange
1/4 teaspoon kaala namak (optional)
Handful of mint leaves
Ice cubes

Blend all the ingredients except for the soft drink. Add soft drink at the time of serving.
Makes 6-7 glasses.


So simple! Also check out the beautiful shade of orange 😍

Do try it! You will love it! In sha Allah!

And also don’t forget to leave a comment! :):)

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