The Day before Eid

So yes I have been gone for a while. It was the last ten nights of the month of Ramadan. And the last ten nights of Ramadan are very special. Any of the odd nights among the last ten nights can be The Night of Qadr, that is, the night on which the Qur’an was brought down on earth. The ten nights are probably the most spectacular nights of my whole year. Worshipping Allah on these nights just leaves you feeling absolutely amazing. So basically I invested myself in trying to do as much worship I can during these nights.

But now Ramadan is over and Eid has arrived. Eid is a celebration given to us by Allah.  Along with worshipping Allah, eid is all about building kinship, giving and spreading love. It’s a wonderful time to cook delicious food, decorate your home, apply henna, and dress up beautifully. So I have decided to share my preparation for the first day of eid.

So for us, dressing up is the most exciting part. This outfit was gifted by my sister and her husband. I like decent yet pleasing to the eye kind of clothes. Thus, this outfit was perfect. It was a three piece suit. The shirt was a creamy shade and the trousers were bright blue. It was an A-line frock ending just below my knees. I paired it with a colourful bracelet and some bangles.

 The borders are embroidered with such intricate designs. The base has a simple pattern, so a little heavy work on the borders looks amazing.

The bracelet I chose is multi coloured so it goes perfectly with the blues and oranges of the outfit. Also the part-colorful and part-grey of the bracelet gives it such an artistic look. I think this bracelet will go with almost any outfit.

The scarf or *dupatta* in Urdu is a soft cream colour as well. Again the pattern and shades are simple yet wonderful.

Again the shoes I chose has multiple colours. I just feel multi coloured accessories accent the pastel colours of any outfit. And obviously last but not least and probably the highlight of eid is henna. Now I am not a huge henna fan, but I apply a little henna at the time of eid. Henna just adds to the eid spirit and it just feel more eid like.

I hope you enjoyed my Day before Eid which is also called “chaand raat” in Urdu. Chaand raat is probably the most fun part of eid. The whole family prepares for the next three days to make the most of eid.

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