The Sea.

When I think about the sea, I always wonder why it never stays still. I mean, it’s water right? So can’t water just stay in one position?

You might want to tell me about the moon and how it brings about the waves etc. But then, why does the moon do that? I mean the moon would still be a moon without doing that.

When I was standing on the shore and this thought came to my mind. I instantly pictured a still water. It made me sad, considering there will be no waves touching my toes and running away. And the sound, oh how much I love the sound of the waves.

No matter what reasons there are for the waves to come about, one thing is absolute. The sea is one of the most phenomenal creations of Allah.

It is not only a gigantic pool of water, but also a means of voyage, a habitat for a number of creatures, a source of cool breeze and a beautiful sight to look at.

When I am besides the sea, peace and tranquility fills me. A sense of calmness takes over me when I catch site of the blue shade.

Or maybe I have those feelings just because I live in a desert.

Nevertheless, only Allah can create something so spectacular. It’s not about how the waves come about. Or what other object is responsible for it. It’s just that if the waves wouldn’t have been there. Things wouldn’t have been the same.  Subhan Allah.

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