Victoria’s Secret products review

Yesterday, I bought a few items from Victoria’s Secret. If you haven’t already heard about the sale then let me tell you, the prices of some items have gone as low as 25 SAR. There were several other offers which I didn’t pay much attention to. However, I still feel the best items are the ones which aren’t on sale.
Anyway, I have decided to review the products.

Bombshell: This is a body mist that my mom chose for herself. It’s probably one of the best mists I have come across. The fragrance is light but prominent. It’s a very feminine scent. This item was not on sale. It was retailing for 125 SAR, which I personally don’t feel is a reasonable price because of the price and quantity difference, but well.
Pros: Amazing scent.

Cons:  Over priced.

Aqua Kiss fragrance mist: First, I really love the blue shade. The shade played a huge role in convincing me to buy it. Second, I adore the scent. It reminds me of nature and sea. Also kind of gives a calming feeling. It’s original price was 70 SAR. But after sale it reduced to 25 SAR. In all honesty, I feel it’s a very good deal. Out of all the sprays on sale, this was probably the only decent spray present there. However, your opinion may differ.

Aqua Kiss body lotion: This one’s my favourite. I love the packaging. It not only smells good, but also feels good. You only have to apply a small amount and it leaves a nice lasting scent. The scent is a lot lighter than the spray, which I think is appropriate for a moisturizer. I probably won’t use it regularly. Maybe on special days or when I just feel like it. It was also retailing for 25 SAR after reduction. If you do a lot of water related chores, don’t buy this for regular use.

In conclusion, the products so far are all good. However, I do feel it’s slightly not worth the price (before sale). Bath and body works is much better in that regard.

Also I personally feel, VS has a alot of strong scents as compared to soft ones. But it depends on what you go for.
If you love to shop, are a VS fan, or just want to save a few riyals, I say go ahead and fill up your carts.

Ps. I went to Granada Mall.

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