Pizza disaster

This isn’t a recipe. 
I set up all the ingredients, ready to bake a delicious pizza, take a mind blowing picture and write this blog post. However, things didn’t really go how I planned. 

I decided on not writing this post, but then I thought, we all have failures in life. So why not share those failures. In case, you are feeling low, this might make you feel better about yourself.  

So let’s start, as you can already guess by the quality of the picture how disheartened I became. I didn’t even try capturing a decent picture. I was following a instruction on the internet about baking pizza which said put it in the oven for 10 minutes. I increased the temperature to maximum. Switched on both the top and bottom flame and thought it would be ready in 10 minutes. Because of this the toppings were cooked, but the dough wasn’t. And to cook the dough I had to keep it longer. As you can see below, how brown the cheese became. 

If you are wondering who ate the two slices, it was me, I didn’t want to humiliate myself you know. But the material did taste good. The dough wasnt that bad either, but it was so much worse than I wanted it to be. This pizza was at the top shelf of the oven. The pizza below was at the bottom, so was able to survive (kind of).

My mother kept telling me, our oven is old and messed up, so do as I tell you. But, thinking of myself as “Ms. Know it all”, I refused to listen. Lesson learned. The wedges turned out okay though, after spending about 40 mins in the oven. 

By the time I got all the things out of the oven, I lost track of time. So I don’t know how long a single pizza took. All thanks to my mother really. She used her genius brain, played with the temperature and saved it (almost). It’s not absolutely uneatable, so I hope it doesn’t go to waste.

In conclusion, the lesson we learned today was, listen to your mothers. 

And if you think you aren’t good at something, remember there are some who are worse.  


3 thoughts on “Pizza disaster

  1. I face the same issues at home with my oven being old. Can’t follow direct instructions from the internet. I did that mistake when pita bread and didn’t listened to mom and it turned so crispy. I assumed those to be nachos and act it with hummus anyways. Lolz. 😀

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