Today Cambridge students must have received their results. I have just completed my sixth form last year, so I am very well aware of your feelings.

Because I am an anxious person, this day used to be a nightmare for me. In Olevels, I threw up because I became too overwhelmed.

Now I wasn’t a weak student really. I just put too much pressure on myself. I got decent grades in olevels. But Alevels became very difficult. I had no interest in the subjects I chose. On top of that, my mother wasn’t around in the first year of Alevels, which made things a little tough.

However, despite all the circumstances, I managed to get decent enough grades to become eligible for almost all universities. However during that time, all I wanted was for someone to tell me “It’s alright, it’s not the end of the world”. So I am going to tell you that.

IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. Yes I know, our South Asian parents love to exaggerate. But trust me, there are worse things in life.

You might be someone who didn’t work hard and knew what you were going to get. Frankly, there is no excuse for procrastination. However, there is definitely a lesson. I used to procrastinate alot, but by the time aptitude tests came around, I decided to correct my ways. If you are resitting the exams, then that’s your opportunity to correct yourself.

On the other hand, you must have worked really hard. But still, you did not manage to achieve the desired grades. You really need to ask yourself if you really enjoy what you are studying. Moreover, what type of hardwork are you doing? There is no point of memorising formulas if you don’t know how to use them. Or attempt past paper questions by looking at the mark scheme. Oh and time! Set a time! It’s important.

No matter what category you belong to, this experience is very demoralizing. It can smash your confidence and make you feel like the most stupid person on this planet. But let me tell you, your grades might be very average but you and an A* student could end up in the same boat. And that boat could be a very prestigious one.

In conclusion, what I want to say is, you never know what will happen in the future. Your life can take a complete 360° turn. If you are absolutely sure, this isn’t your cup of tea, find another cup of tea. If you are sure this is what you want to do, then GET BACK UP.

However, if you do plan on sipping from another cup, and fail, then understand set backs are a part of life. Learn to embrace failure. It always teaches you a lesson.

And last but not the least and the most important one, PRAY. Offer Istakhara prayers. Pray tahajjud. Make dua after every salah. And watch how Allah leads you through every hurdle.


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