Mobile Vs DSLR Experiment

Lately, I have been very curious about how people manage to capture amazing photos using their phones .I wouldn’t include the iPhone 6 users in this category, because iPhone’s camera is quite good. I am talking about people who use other cameras, like Samsung or LG. They capture some amazing shots with just 8 megapixel.

So I decided to put my phone to test. I have Lenovo Vibe Z2. In the beginning, I was in love with the phone. I thought, it’s the best phone for photography. However, after a few experiences with lighting, I realized it could even be the worst. That is, until I got a DSLR and realized that without proper lighting, even a DSLR is a fail.

So today I decided to take two photos of a flower. Same background, same subject and same lighting. One is going to be captured by a mobile phone and the other by a DSLR.

The difference is very clear. If you are to ask me which one is the closest to the real flower, I will say the DSLR one. But in this case, the close factor doesn’t matter. I feel the mobile photo looks very decent as well. And because the photo is less detailed, it has a soft look which I really like as compared to the other photo. Lenovo Vibe Z2 has a 13-megapixel camera and 720×1280 pixels resolution. These numbers are quite high. I am yet to see the results of an 8 megapixel camera.

Anyway, the two important factors are, lighting and background. Really if you have these two things figured out you can ameliorate your simple photos. Moreover, if you are on a budget and want to start food or product photography you can easily start that with your phone.

I am not sure about using your mobile for portrait photography. But do keep in mind the background blur effect is not everything in a photo. Again I am no expert, but in my experience, there is alot more to a photo than just that.

In conclusion, I won’t lie and say phones have replaced DSLRs. However, I did realize that working to improve your creative mind is better than investing in an expensive camera.

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