Papaya Soap




Before we start, let me tell you everything I write here is from my own experience ONLY. I am not a specialist.

I have been using this soap for about two years I think, and it does WONDERS. The packaging isn’t that awesome, but the color is LOVELY.

Let me tell you a little bit about my skin first. My skin is oily. If I am in a humid area during summer time, my face is literally SHINING. In my first year of A levels I used to travel by a coaster. And during that period, my skin suffered a lot. My skin was exposed to a lot of sun and dirt because of which pimples started to grow. I also started to get tanned. In the sense, that my skin was becoming double toned. Which meant, extra darkening under the eyes, around the lips etc.

Basically, I had used this soap before, but in a dry environment. If you don’t know, papaya makes your skin dry. And too much dryiness isn’t healthy for your skin either. But after my move, my acne was getting worse, and I had to give this a go again. After using it for sometime, I noticed my pimples, and the spots left by those pimples both started to fade away. And my skin started to become single toned. It’s mentioned on the box below. See


I went to buy them again, so I decided to buy another soap of the same brand. It has milk and youghurt along with papaya. Dairy products really suit my skin, so I’ll give it a try. And then i’ll write a detailed review. I’ll insert a picture below of the short description.




If, you are living in a moist environment and have oily skin, I would recommend you a papaya soap. I believe, papaya soap is available everywhere, however I am not so sure about this particular brand. I have used two brands of papaya soap and both were fine. But somehow I just buy this one every single time. But still keep in mind, everybody’s skin is different so do ask your doctor before using anything.

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