Color Studio Again (+swatches)

You can never have too many color studio lipsticks. In my opinion, they are by far, providing the best lipsticks.. These are some new shades I bought; out of which “Pure Matte 159 Stellar” is of the best shade. I also decided to give their BB cream a go. I must say it gave my skin a brightening effect. However, I have had similar experiences with almost all BB creams I have used. If you are of a fair complexion then, this BB cream will suit you.


  • Pure Matt: 750 Rs.
  • Color Play: 695 Rs.
  • BB Cream-Mineral beauty balm: 595 Rs.



Pure Matt: 155, Rebel

Pure Matt: 146, Lolita

Color Play: 130, Crazy Love

Color Play: 104, Rage

Pure Matt: 159, Stellar


: 130, Crazy Love  

: 104, Rage

: 155, Rebel  

: 146, Lolita  

: 159. Stellar

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4 thoughts on “Color Studio Again (+swatches)

    1. Oh yes, I forgot to mention the prices. In my country, Pure Matt costs about $11 and Color Play costs about $10. The BB cream retails at almost $9. I live in Pakistan. 🙂


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