Lip pencils over Lipsticks


I prefer lip pencils over lipstick. 

Why? You ask.

 Well for four reasons.

  1. I have thin lips. I barely have enough room to accommodate all that color in the first place. Moreover, Often times, while trying to get the color on the corner of my lips, the lipstick gets smudged. Or I fear I would get lipstick on my teeth. That’s why, I use lip pencils so I can smoothly apply it all over my lips, the outline, the corners, et cetera. 
  2. It gives a neat finish. Regardless of the shape or size of your lips, pencils always give a neat finish. For people like me, who always lose their lip brushes, I turn to pencils to give me that neat look. 
  3. It’s long lasting. No, don’t get me wrong. There are some amazing lipsticks out there that are long lasting. Both matte and otherwise. However, in my experience, pencils are a lot more long lasting. I once remember wearing a lip pencil for five hours without it getting off. Moreover, they don’t get smudged easily; even after eating and talking.
  4. They are light on your lips. Yes, lip pencils are lighter as compared to lipsticks. At least, so far in my experience. You don’t feel like you have something on your lips. At times, I even forget I have applied anything.

These are my four reasons. You tell me. Do you have the same experience? Or something different?

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