Portable Baby Closet-The Perfect Present.

So a new member is going to enter your family, In sha Allah (If God wills), and you bought a tonne of items.

On top of that, you received a number of gifts from relatives and friends.

And now you are wondering where to store it all.

The person I gifted this to was facing this dilemma and I thought to myself, “What item on this planet can make her life easier?” After a little brainstorming, my mother asked me to buy this closet.

It’s 53 inches wide and 66 inches tall and, doesn’t take much space. As you can see, the closet has racks to hang suits in and, is also spacious enough for folded clothes, blankets, bags and other items.

It’s a portable closet. The body is built with rods and a plastic cover is shrouded over it. The racks are separated via sheets made of jute. All in all, it’s a light closet that you can easily move around.


However, it did not come this way. I had to build it myself. The building process is slightly technical and does require strength. Therefore, construct it with a partner. I did this alone and kept making mistakes. That made the process long and tiresome.

I then enveloped it with the plastic cover.15943201_10210088610949120_1764702584_oFinal Result. 15943381_10210088610229102_691946094_o This is how you can “close” the closet.

The final look after it’s all set. Do buy those storage boxes. You can add socks, napkins and other small items. Moreover, it gives a very tidy look. img-20170108-wa0049img-20170108-wa0044img-20170108-wa0046img-20170108-wa0050img-20170108-wa0035img-20170108-wa0036img-20170108-wa0047img-20170108-wa0048

Do keep in mind, this closet is specifically for light materials. It’s available at some high end branded shops. However, you can also avail this at Gul Plaza, Karachi for about 3000 RS. I hope this post benefits you. Thank you for reading.

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© All images are the properties of My Creative Hut.


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