The perfect eyeliner. French Connection Eyeliner-Review


Love Eyeliners!

The one make-up item I can never give up.

Basically, I get overjoyed when I see good quality eyeliners. Yes, things like this give me joy. And so I thought, why not share with you guys my favorite liner!

This liner was gifted to me by my brother. It was the part of French Connection makeup gift set. The gift set is amazing. You can check the post out on my blog as well.

Anyway, I am very very impressed by this liner. It is smooth and easy to apply. You can draw the line as thin and as thick as you want (see the fourth picture). It gives me a lot more control. The color is quite prominent and it gives your eyes a neat look. This is perfect for you if you always end up drawing a thicker line because your pencil liners aren’t sharped. Okay, I do that because I always forget to sharp them. And when I do want to sharp it, I can’t find the sharpener. Which brings us to the next positive point of the liner. You don’t need a sharpener for this.

Yeah, the last point solves all your problems. *Sarcasm*

Let’s just rate it.  8.5/10

I hope this post benefits you.

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