Benefits of Sugar Wax.


Before we begin, let me inform you, all that I am going to write is drawn from my personal experience and the experiences of people around me. So, nothing is recommended or prescribed by a professional doctor or cosmologist.

So now that I have made myself clear, let’s first discuss what sugar wax actually is.

Sugar wax is basically a wax made of sugar, lemon and water. It has a jelly like structure and is probably the safest hair removal method I know. It is quite common among native women in Saudi Arabia. 

I used to use cream to remove hair; mainly because it is quicker and pain-free. Soon, I started to see it’s side-effects and it was then I decided to give sugat wax a try.

So here are the benefits.

1.Less ingrown hair.

As compared to cream, ingrown hair decreases by a large percent when using sugar wax. It doesn’t completely eradicate the problem. You have to exfoliate twice a week to make sure you don’t suffer from it.

2Less Regrowth.

Hair regrows after a long time. As in, a month. If you wax regularly, the growth will keep decreasing and might even end at some point. Therefore, you don’t have to wax that often as time goes by.

3. New hair is thin and soft.

The new hair after wax is light, thin and soft. When I used cream, thick, long and rough hair resurfaced. And, it looked terrible. However, after wax you will definitely feel the hair on your skin has become light and soft.

4. Easily dissolved by water.

Since sugar wax contains sugar, it can be easily removed by water. God forbid, if it gets stuck on your skin, don’t fret, just wash the area with water and the wax will easily come off.

 5. Chemical Free.

As I have mentioned, sugar wax is made of simple ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. Therefore, you can say it’s safe for your skin. However, proper hygiene during use is still necessary. And, do test it on a small part of your skin to ensure it’s safe for you.

    6. Affordable.

The ingredients are cheap and easily available. Moreover, your skin stays waxed for a longer period. Thus it becomes very affordable. You can wax large areas with small amount of wax.I buy it from the local shops in Saudi Arabia. However, you can make this at your home if you follow a good recipe. I have tried making it at home but always failed.

In conclusion, sugar wax is not harmful, is easy to use and cheap. It also has a beutiful color and texture.

That’s it. I hope this post benefits you.

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7 thoughts on “Benefits of Sugar Wax.

      1. I live in America. I’m considered a modern day hippie. Haha. How I look at it is. If there is chemicals or anything bad I’m a product or food for example why would it’s want that it’s my body? Haha you actually feel an energy change. Once you commie to it.

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      2. Everything is bad about America wish I could move countries haha. Yeah its America 70% of people are over weight hahaha. I’m huge into fitness and I’m an alien compared to most people they see me or talk to me and I’m “different” all the natural stuff is here people just don’t care hahaha.

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