Versatile Blogger Award!

It’s the first time I am nominated for an Award.  I didn’t really think anyone would nominate me. Well, at least at this stage when I properly started my blog in January. However, thanks to kuminkueche who considered me deserving of this award. Thank you so much! Kumin has some outstanding recipes on her blog.  You certainly don’t want to miss it.

However, I have to fulfill two conditions.

  1. Share 7 facts about me.
  2. Pass this award to other bloggers.

This is a good time to tell you guys a little about myself.

Here are the 7 facts. 

  1. I love french fries. I can’t spend a week without eating some fries. However, I have to cut down on it because well, nobody wants to be overweight.
  2. I love photography.
  3. I know coding, but, I am not that good at it.
  4. I am a family girl. Yes, if given a choice between friends and family, I will choose family. I just love them too much.
  5. I am overly attached to my mother. People call me a mama’s girl. I am not ashamed. I have parents who care about me.
  6. I had low self-esteem once. Like the severe one.
  7. I can be very wise at times. Like very. But I am mostly foolish. 

Now let’s forward the award.

Aqsa Rahim

Hira’s Cookshack

Life Of a teen Girl


Tales Of Belle

Check them out! They all are amazing bloggers. Have a lovely weekend! ❤




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