Simple Background Ideas for Product Photography

All bloggers face the dilemma of photography.

Most of us aren’t aware, that photography is an inexpensive process. We think we require a lavish studio like this to capture pretty pictures.


This is certainly not the case.

One essential part of photography is background. You can find some of the best backgrounds lying around your house. So let’s see what objects in our homes can be perfect backgrounds.

Cushions:Β We all have nice cushions in our houses. The pictures below are taken on cushions. Try to use cushion with pretty patterns and colors.Β Leather cushions are my favorite! I also like the velvet ones.


Garments: I used my shawl for the pictures below. In all honestly, it’s a shawl I use regularly. And when worn simply, it doesn’t look anything extraordinary. But, it certainly makes wonderful background. Do iron the cloth before using it.15878621_10210056915516754_1814507630_o15910313_10210056911756660_1973396254_n15934276_10210056918356825_291466672_o

Table mat: Nice table mats can be very useful. It can be used for both product and food photography.


Chair. Chairs have nice leather cushions as well. Or, there will be a nice pattern on it.dsc_0171

Floor. If you have nice shiny marble tiles on your floor. Then use it. In the picture below I should have used a reflector. However, I love this look as well.


Sofa. Even if your sofa is of one color but has a nice texture or pattern, you can use it as a background.16010001_10210127163512910_760003673_odsc_0760dsc_0002-copy

To some of the ideas you might be like,”Oh, I knew that already!” However, some might have benefited you. At least, now you know, you just have to shop for pretty clothes and cushions. πŸ˜›

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Β© All images except the shutter-stock image are the properties of My Creative Hut.


31 thoughts on “Simple Background Ideas for Product Photography

      1. I can surely give you some tips. Have you followed the daily post? Write posts on the daily prompts that they post. Also comment and talk to.other Bloggers. Share your posts on social media etcetera! πŸ™‚

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  1. Great tips! I usually use my desk for photos when I take them, but most of my blog photos are stock images or free-for-use things I find on the internet. I hope I can take some of your tips into account! I’m trying to make my blogging more visual

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  2. Hey Sundus,
    Yes! I knew sofas, cushions, and fabrics existed but this show and tell really put things into perspective for me. What exactly is a reflector? I was in media school for about 2 semesters and I took photography for a term and the only reflector hack I was able to learn was made out of silver foil.
    [Visiting via Muslimah Bloggers]

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    1. yes, I have never used one, but i have read that foil and white sheets are used as reflectors to decrease the shadows. And than you so much, I hope this posts benefits you


  3. I’m predictable with my backgrounds. They’re often a simple white — usually a sheet of paper or a card. My biggest problem is often lighting! I do wish I had a better camera, though.

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    1. Your photos are amazing. Yes honestly, white background is perfect, however, I like a little color. Lighting is more important than background. How about you shoot outside? on a terrace or something?

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      1. Thanks, I guess practice does pay! I was horrible at photography when I started. I chose white mostly because it made it easier to give the shop a unified look. I think I’ll use more colour for the blog, though.

        The balcony, unfortunately, faces the wrong way to catch the sun. I could try taking pictures on the lawn, but my nosy neighbours put me off, haha!

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