How to teach yourself crochet-Beginner’s Guide

I learned crochet about four to five years ago.

During that time, it was quite a rare craft. At least for me.  I didn’t know even a single crocheter around me. In fact, I didn’t even know what “crochet” meant.

Luckily, unlike the community I belong to, crochet was still somewhat popular on the internet. And, one fine morning I stumbled upon this craft and thought, “how did they do it with a single needle? I want to learn this too!” And so, the journey began.

From the right yarn to the right hook I learned a number of things during this time which I want to share with you all so your learning process can be easier.

  • Youtube is Vast. Obvious, isn’t it? Well I do know many of you might have already come across this video. However, you need to focus on how to watch the videos. Youtube requires patience. The videos can be long and there will be a few things that you will find difficult to comprehend. Watch the video again and again to understand the steps. Notice how they hold the hook and how they hold the yarn. See, in which stitch they are inserting the hooks. And so on.
  • The Right Hook. Okay, so there are instructions in the video for the right size of hook. But, let me give you my input as well. I recommend you use 5-6 mm crochet hook. Do not use any hook smaller than 5 mm right now. The process should be as easy as possible so that you don’t give up.
  • The Right Yarn. It doesn’t matter if your yarns are of low quality right now. In fact, I recommend you use cheap yarns in the beginning. Yarns can be expensive. But, use thick yarns.They should also be bright in colors. It’s very difficult to make out the stitches when a dark color yarn is used. Even expert crocheters have trouble with dark colors.
  • Start with short and easy projects. Okay, so you saw this gorgeous crochet sweater. But my dear friend don’t start crocheting it immediately after you learn how to make a chain. Choose small projects that you can finish quickly. This way you will see results and that will motivate you to make more projects. Some examples could be, small clutches, wallets, coin purse, boxes, table cloth, small mats.
  • Follow the pattern. even if it doesn’t make sense. There are many things that don’t make sense in life. So don’t worry when you read “2 sc in the same stitch” and you see your project taking a different shape compared to the original project. There are many factors that can change your project; the type of yarn, the type of hook and so on. But you should keep  working according to the pattern and it will eventually work out. Maybe not exactly the same. But you will make something close.
  • Another benefit of following patterns is that you will learn new types of stitches. For example, you know single and double crochet. But the pattern is asking for a sc2tog. Then just watch a tutorial that teaches that stitch and you are good to go!

The most important element is obviously steadfastness. People give up because it seems very confusing in the beginning. Once you get the hang of it, it will become fun. So stay positive, stay hopeful and work hard. And remember it is certainly not as tough as squats. Hope these tips help you.

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9 thoughts on “How to teach yourself crochet-Beginner’s Guide

  1. MashAllah! This article was really straightforward and informative… thanks for sharing your tips. I learned some things that I didn’t know needed to be taken into consideration when trying out crochet (like avoiding dark-coloured yarn)!

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