I have always had this desire for taking brilliant photos of an eye shadow palette. You know the ones you see in a magazine. However, I don’t seem to be getting it right. Nonetheless, I decided to take photos of this eye shadow palette using different backgrounds. Just as an experiment. Capturing eye shadow is a bit difficult. I have to make sure that the colors in the photos are exactly like the original . I wanted to see how different backgrounds can change the colors and the overall look of the picture.

I personally, love the first picture. It  exhibits all the colors almost exactly how they are. Moreover, the cream background helps the colors stand out. The second picture is good as well but, I feel like it makes the colors look a bit dull. I don’t like the last picture. The chocolate background squeezes the colors out of the palette and makes them look very dull. In fact, all colors look slightly yellow in the last photo.

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