We finally hit that century.

Yes we did. 

My Creative Hut community has finally reached the number 100!

All thanks to Allah for this success.

Yes success. For me this is a great achievement.

For many this might be a very small number. But for me, it is so much more. It makes me realize that all the hardwork that I put in the last 2.5 months did not go to waste. There are 100 people out there who want to be a part of My Creative Hut family. I cherish each and everyone of you. Every single like, every single comment and every single follow kept me going. All through out I had so many doubts but, the WordPress community never let me give up. There was always someone out there to support me. You all are truly amazing!

Here is a small progress I made through these 2 months that I want to share with you guys. Why, you are wondering? Simply, because I know there are so many of you out there wondering, when will you get followers. Well, I want to tell you with sheer hardwork, deligence and patience you will. In Sha Allah! When I took a screenshot of the 20 followers notification, nobody told me you will reach a 100 after a few months. But, I had this desire, this determination. And by the grace of Allah I can finally screenshot the 100 followers notification. 

Look, my point is very simple. You need to Believe. Believe in yourself. But most of all believe in Allah! 

I know I have not reached the peak of success. But this still means so much to me. And, I know there is always room for improvement; always room for progress. 

AlhamduLillah for everything. 


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