Remember this photo?


If you are in touch with me on Facebook, you would know, I posted this photo last week and asked you all to guess what it is. One replied, it is a muffler. Well, it does look like one. However, it is something a lot better. At least in my opinion. Because, you don’t need a muffler in the hot and humid city that I live in. But, you certainly need a WALLET regardless of the weather conditions.

I gifted this wallet to my male cousin. After completing it, I showed it to my aunt to get it approved (she is a senior crocheter so I take her suggestions) and, the first thing she says is, “It looks like it is for a girl.”

I agree. 100%.

But I still managed to convince myself that it is for both the genders. You know. Neutral.

Anyway! Whether you make it for a man or a woman, it is certainly a pretty present to give to someone. It’s easy to crochet, the method is straightforward and will *hopefully* be very useful.

Before we begin, let me tell you, I did not have a plan while crocheting it; I just thought I would get lucky. That is why the pattern is not up to the mark.

What I used:

3 mm Crochet Hook. Beige color yarn- Brand, Super Robin Double Knit. Light yellow color yarn- Brand, Lana Para. Both are 100% acrylic.

The size:

Length=15cm. Breadth=I forgot to measure it. And now I gifted it. Sorry.


Sc=Single Crochet.

Dc=Double Crochet

What I did.

First crochet the two beige rectangles. 

For the wider rectangle, ch 17 and dc in all sts to form the foundation ch. Then dc in all the rows until the length was 15cm. That would probably make 15-16 rows.

For the other rectangle, ch 15 and dc in all sts to form the foundation ch. Repeat the same steps as the first rectangle.


In the second rectangle I dc on one side to increase the height and give a finished look. The other sides will be joined together.

It will look ugly now.

Second, join the two rectangles. 

Simply put both the rectangles edge to edge. Take the other color and single crochet the edging together. Sc all around the wallet. You should get an edging like the one you see in the second photo.



Third. Make a rectangle with the other color. 

Using the other color, crochet another 15cm long rectangle the same way. Then, join it with the rest of the wallet the same way explained in step 2. Well you are halfway done.


Fourth, make the strap.

Ch 20. Dc in 2nd ch. Dc in all next chs leaving the last. 6dc in the last ch.

Opp side: Dc in all next chs including the last ch. Then Ch 5. sl st into 1st dc to join.

Take the other color, and hdc all around the strap.

Then sew it at the top of the first rectangle. Not into it. only at the top.


Fifth, sew the button.

Sew the button in the same manner and you are done.

It is lengthy ; but, it is easy. And, beginner friendly. You are free to ask me anything you did not understand.

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