I didn’t realize, with the coming of a baby will come so many ideas.

Not that these slippers are any thing new. But, in my crochet journey, they are a  novelty.

When I first put my foot down and decided to design my own patterns, my first goal was to make it easy. I personally, had tonnes of trouble reading some patterns because of which I used to simply give up on the project. But well, that was a good thing because it motivated me just to go my own way and create my own patterns.

Therefore friends, I bring you a very easy, beginner friendly pattern for these cute baby slippers.

They are soft, cozy and stylish. Your little munchkin will rock it. In sha Allah!

I made one in blue. I also decided to make another pair with contrasting colors.



3.5mm hook. Double Knit yarn (13 WPI)

Size: 4.2 inch sole. 6-9 months.


15 hdc=4inches

12.5 rows=4inches

Hdc: half double crochet
Hdc2tog: half double crochet two together.SC: single crochet.
Sc2tog: single crochet two together
Sl st: slip stitch.



Row1: Ch13. Hdc in 2nd ch from hook. Hdc in next 10 ch. 6 Hdc in last ch. Hdc in next 10 ch.  5 Hdc last ch.

Row2: ch1. 2 hdc in each fo the next 2 sts. Hdc in next 8 sts. 2hdc each of the next 6 sts. Hdc in next 12 sts. 2hdc in each of the next 3 sts. Sl st Into 1st hdc. (41sts excluding sl st)

Row3: Ch1. Hdc into same stitch as ch1. Hdc in all sts all around. Sl st into first hdc.


Row 4: Ch1. Hdc in back loops only.

Row 5: ch1. Hdc next stitch. One Hdc2tog. Hdc in next 10 sts. One Hdc2tog. Hdc in next 6 sts. One Hdc2tog. Hdc in next 10 sts. One Hdc2tog. Hdc in next 3 sts. Sl st 1st hdc.

Fasten of.

17475326_10210775991053193_148506597_o (1)


*Leave a 13-14 inch long tail while making the knot.

Row 1: Ch 16. Sc in the 2nd ch from hook. Sc in all chs. Turn. (15 sts)

Row 2: ch1 sc in all sts across the row. Turn.
Row 3: repeat row 2. Turn.
Row 4: repeat row 2. Turn.
Row 5: repeat row 2. Turn.
Row 6: repeat row 2. Turn.

Row 7: Ch 1. Sc2tog. Sc 11. Sc2tog. Turn
Row 8: ch1 sc2tog. Sc 9. Sc2tog. Turn
Row 9: ch1  Sc2tog. Sc7. Sc2tog. Turn
Row 10: ch 1 Sc2tog. Sc5. Sc2tog. Turn
Row 11: ch1  SC in all sts.

It should look something like this.

Placing together.

Turn the body inside out. The right side facing towards you. The front part of the top should be attached to the front of the body. The side, to the sides of the body. Put the top over the body and pin it down. Sew the it to the upper using the long tail.


There you go!

So simple.

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© This pattern was officially published on mycreativehutt.wordpress.com and therefore is the property of My Creative Hut. You are not allowed to copy and sell it under your own name or take credit for this pattern in any form. You ARE allowed to sell the project made using this pattern. BUT, you have to give mycreativehutt.wordpress.com the credit.

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