I skipped last week’s post.

And I am sorry.

I could go on and on about how I got busy with my exams and how I should have made time. But, well that is pretty much useless. Instead, I thought  I will talk about something interesting.

We all are toxic to some extent. And we all face toxic people everyday. Until and unless you are extremely lucky. I have divided these people into categories and I will share with you a few of them.


Or maybe you could. And improve yourself.

There might be several reactions to this article. You will try to relate these descriptions with the people you hate. For example your in laws or your colleagues. But, maybe for a change try to find yourself in those categories. After all, no one is perfect.

So let us begin!


Really, you will find this type of personality everywhere. Elements of this type can be found even within yourself.

Now all is well with these miserable beings. The problem starts when they come into your life.

Well duh.

This type does not know the meaning of happiness. Hell, they are the antonym of HAPPY. You don’t use sad. You replace it with their names.

When they enter a room, they suck the life out of everyon. I don’t know what is it about them. Without moving a finger they absorb all the cheers and laughter from the room. They ALWAYS have a frown on their faces. And, they always have a problem. If they don’t have a problem, they will create one. That is how they use their creativity.

Now this kind could be anyone. They could be your friends or your enemies. Nonetheless, wherever they will be, they will carry their gloominess with them. To an extent that, you will start feeling gloomy too.


*Sigh*. Now I AM ALWAYS MISERABLE is still tolerable to some extent.

But this one. Oh no. Not at all.

If you are an emotionally weak person, then this type will damage you. Psychologically. In fact, if they sense your inferiority complex, then oh boy! you are in for a tough time. They literally feed off of your distress. They will do everything and anything to make you understand that you are absolutely worthless. However, they are faaaar faaaaar better than you. Thus, you should strive to be like them.

But, no matter how hard you try to improve, they will never see it. So don’t bother.


Now, people in this category don’t necessarily have a superiority complex; they just strive to be better than everyone. However, in some cases they are like #2.

What these people do is that they make sure you are constantly reminded of all the misfortunes that are happening in your life. Now, you might be a person who likes to ignore your problems. However, a companion of this kind will make sure that you ALWAYS feel sorry for yourself.

For example, you got a bad instructor. You know the evil ones. So this type will say, “oh my God, you got enrolled in HIS class!!? I feel so sorry for you.” And, “How are you going to survive???!”

Even though, you have done enough of self-counselling and convinced yourself that you will manage. However, after listening to this person, you lose all that motivation and you are back to square one. My advice would be to NEVER share your problems with this person.


I can understand these people to some extent. But, the issue arises when they go to an extreme level. It is when, they twist everything you say. Even when you are saying something nice, they will think you mean something else underneath.

I honestly don’t want to give an example. It is just that, you stop talking around these people. You often feel suffocated in their company. You think 3000 times before saying something but, end up not saying it eventually. You try very very hard to rephrase your sentences in the best way possible but, it doesn’t change anything. The best thing to do around these people is to be quiet. That is the only solution. But, some very pessimist ones will make something out of your silence too.

Then, my friend, you have no way out.


It is very clear from the title what kind I am talking about. Now this type is a combination of all the above categories. They can’t see any good happening to you. Because of that reason they are always miserable. Even though, they are blessed with enough. They start telling people how they are better than others and put others down. They will remind you how many things are going wrong in your life. And, finally they will never take anything you say in a positive sense.

SO. That is all from my side. Can you think of any other kind of toxic people?

On a serious note, you will find these people everywhere. My advice would be to just ignore all of them. That is the simplest solution. Or else, you can never be happy. And obviously, for that take Allah’s help and invest yourself in His remembrance.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Do find me on Facebook and Instagram. I will wait for you there.


13 thoughts on “Types Of Toxic People.

  1. Loved this post because you have discussed a serious topic in such a light hearted and humorous way, without actually decreasing the seriousness of it. Excellent!

    I think i have met each one of these people in my life 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

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