In sixth grade, our school took us to a field trip. I remember, I was very excited. All I could think was about the roller coaster, the haunted house, the boat ride and the food. What I did not think about was, who will I enjoy all this with. 
Yes, my friends, I was a loner. Partly because I had bad communication skills (probably still do). And, partly because my classmates were just down right meanies. You know, the brats.  Some were even like spikes

Before I delve into the story, let me tell you, I was an extremely naive child. I was one of those stupid people. I simply assumed anybody would accept me into their group and I will be good to go. 

However, the first time reality hit me, was when we were sitting in the bus. Everybody had some friend to sit with. So they already reserved the seats so they could be together during the ride. That meant, I could not sit in one of the already booked seats. Anyways, I still managed to sit with a girl who, I did not talk to at all. I think, she was probably just like me. 

The second time was, when we were actually at the park. After getting out of the bus, I was so clueless as to where to go. So I followed these girls from my class. I still remember their names and faces. I think I followed them enough to freak them out. Because, one of them said, “let us take her in our group, she is a alone.” And the rest immediately responded with a NO.

Yup, my ego was not at all fractured. 

Anyway, I eventually realized, I will probably get lost if I stay alone. So, I should be with someone at. Luckily, soon after the humiliation I found Fatima Jaffery and her friends.

Fatima Jaffery was also my classmate. Fatima and her friends were few of those who were nice to me. I didn’t really know them; nor did I know what they actually felt about me. But, If they never befriended me, they never bullied me either. And I think, that was the closest I got to being friends with someone during that time. 

So I asked her if I could tag along with her. And she said yes. Now that I think about it. Fatima actually did a huge favor on me. Considering the situation I was in, this was a huge blessing. She not only gave me some sort of safety, she also gave me company. I did not have to roam in that park all on my own. I did not have to sit on the rides alone. I did not have to eat my lunch alone. 

Just like how that “No” from the other girl is ingrained in my memory. So is Fatima’s “yes”. That trip would have been very difficult if I had not received that “yes”. 

So many times, people cross your path. You know, if that person hadn’t come to your rescue, you would have been in a very unfavorable situation. These people are sent by no one but Allah. It is beautiful how Allah is always there with His slave. He knew, I was distressed. I was worried. And he sent His creature to help me out. Whenever you come across a situation like this, don’t forget to thank your Lord. 



 For not leaving me alone. 


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