I hope Ramadan is treating you well.

In this extreme heat, fasts can be a little tough. However, the reward is also bigger.

Because of the weather, I was planning to buy very light materials to crochet summer friendly shoes for babies. Not that it is going to prevent them from taking their shoes off. But well. One can only try one’s best. If you have babies in your family, you will know what I am talking about.

Recently a customer specifically asked me to make some very light slippers for her niece. So I finally ordered cotton crochet threads, If you are following me on facebook, you must have seen those pretty colors. In the beginning, I thought crocheting with thread will be quite easy. All I would need is just using three strands instead of two. I assumed, it won’t be much different from the double knit yarn I used in the past. But, I was wrong. Making shoes with thread is a little tricky and took me more time.

I made these slippers using anchor ball thread. Anchor ball thread is quite shiny and has a slippery texture. Furthermore, I used a 3.5 mm hook because that is what I used previously when writing the pattern. But let me tell you, my project turned out to be wobblier than the project I made using DK yarn. When I was attaching the top to the upper, it kept slipping from my hand. Furthermore, I used a bigger hook so the stitches aren’t that close and does not look that neat. Nonetheless, I was able to make these slippers.

The one very important thing I learned is use a smaller hook. Shoes must be sturdy; so the stitches should be tight.  However, if you can’t use a smaller hook, crochet very patiently and try to keep your tension tight and constant.  Moreover, when sewing the parts of the shoes, use as many pins as you require. I used very less pins to secure the top in place and went straight in. The material is slippery and slight movements can change the positions of your parts. Take your time while sewing. Also, take your time while doing the whole project. Be patient. I have noticed untidy stitches are more obvious when you use thread. So work slowly buy work as neatly as possible. Last but not least, handle the final project with care. I just feel it ends up being quite tender.

However, the material is indeed quite good. So I would recommend all of you to crochet with cotton thread. I myself enjoy the feel of these slippers. Moreover, that shine makes it look quite fancy. You could easily pair it up with your baby’s fancy dresses for a special day. Or maybe,  you can make the perfect matching slipper for eid.

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