Are you searching for simple moccasins pattern?

Then this is the perfect post for you!

I crocheted this for my nephew who entered this world on Saturday night. AlhamduLillah!!

It was one of the simplest patterns I have come across. I have only recently started crocheting baby shoes and booties and most patterns are quite complex. The best part about this the way everything is explained with pictures. I don’t know about you guys; but, I don’t understand patterns with diagrams. This pattern is written in such a simple manner. Simple terminologies are used. If you have gained enough knowledge about crochet, let’s say, all the main stitches. And, you have made a couple of projects like bags and hats then you are very good to go. In fact, even beginners can take a risk. I used to do that a lot ;).  Oh and it’s completely free on craftsy.com. So go download this pattern and crochet adorable booties! All the best!

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Bourjois City Radiance foundation Reveiw


Just like many people, I have had my fair share of troubles with foundations. On top of that, being a brown toned girl made it more difficult for me to find the right shade. All the brown girls, you know what I am talking about. I think I am now experienced enough to inform you which shades to go for and which shades to avoid. And, the product that I am going to review today is definitely not suitable for our complexion.

This is the Bourjois City Radiance foundation in the shade 04. I originally bought this for my mother, who is fair skinned. However, It turned out light for her skin as well. It’s clearly written on the package that it gives a brightening effect. Thus, this foundation will make our skin look gray.

However, apart from the shade problem, the product in itself is very  good. It is travel friendly, easy to apply, light on the skin, gives a matte look which is perfect for summers and has an amazing scent. It also does a good job at concealing. But as I have said, it will give a gray look to brown girls. However, I surely recommend it to fair skinned girls.

So that is it. I hope this post benefits you!

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H&M, Make Me Blush Review.


This is the H&M Make Me Blush blusher in the shade Bronze. I bought this over a year ago. I am not a huge fan of heavy contouring. Therefore, I bought this blush to give a very subtle contour.  As you can see in the last picture, it’s a very light shade of brown. However, you can obviously darken it to some extent. It’s not very pigmented, which I like because, it doesn’t get smudged. Considering I reside in a humid area, this is a necessity. It also has a nice shine which I personally think looks really good.

All in all, I am satisfied with this product and have been using it for quite a while. Even though I am using it as a bronzer, it’s actually a blusher. Thus, it will not give you the typical “contoured” look. But if you are anything like me, you will enjoy this product.

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The perfect eyeliner. French Connection Eyeliner-Review


Love Eyeliners!

The one make-up item I can never give up.

Basically, I get overjoyed when I see good quality eyeliners. Yes, things like this give me joy. And so I thought, why not share with you guys my favorite liner!

This liner was gifted to me by my brother. It was the part of French Connection makeup gift set. The gift set is amazing. You can check the post out on my blog as well.

Anyway, I am very very impressed by this liner. It is smooth and easy to apply. You can draw the line as thin and as thick as you want (see the fourth picture). It gives me a lot more control. The color is quite prominent and it gives your eyes a neat look. This is perfect for you if you always end up drawing a thicker line because your pencil liners aren’t sharped. Okay, I do that because I always forget to sharp them. And when I do want to sharp it, I can’t find the sharpener. Which brings us to the next positive point of the liner. You don’t need a sharpener for this.

Yeah, the last point solves all your problems. *Sarcasm*

Let’s just rate it.  8.5/10

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Portable Baby Closet-The Perfect Present.

So a new member is going to enter your family, In sha Allah (If God wills), and you bought a tonne of items.

On top of that, you received a number of gifts from relatives and friends.

And now you are wondering where to store it all.

The person I gifted this to was facing this dilemma and I thought to myself, “What item on this planet can make her life easier?” After a little brainstorming, my mother asked me to buy this closet.

It’s 53 inches wide and 66 inches tall and, doesn’t take much space. As you can see, the closet has racks to hang suits in and, is also spacious enough for folded clothes, blankets, bags and other items.

It’s a portable closet. The body is built with rods and a plastic cover is shrouded over it. The racks are separated via sheets made of jute. All in all, it’s a light closet that you can easily move around.


However, it did not come this way. I had to build it myself. The building process is slightly technical and does require strength. Therefore, construct it with a partner. I did this alone and kept making mistakes. That made the process long and tiresome.

I then enveloped it with the plastic cover.15943201_10210088610949120_1764702584_oFinal Result. 15943381_10210088610229102_691946094_o This is how you can “close” the closet.

The final look after it’s all set. Do buy those storage boxes. You can add socks, napkins and other small items. Moreover, it gives a very tidy look. img-20170108-wa0049img-20170108-wa0044img-20170108-wa0046img-20170108-wa0050img-20170108-wa0035img-20170108-wa0036img-20170108-wa0047img-20170108-wa0048

Do keep in mind, this closet is specifically for light materials. It’s available at some high end branded shops. However, you can also avail this at Gul Plaza, Karachi for about 3000 RS. I hope this post benefits you. Thank you for reading.

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Color Studio Again (+swatches)

You can never have too many color studio lipsticks. In my opinion, they are by far, providing the best lipsticks.. These are some new shades I bought; out of which “Pure Matte 159 Stellar” is of the best shade. I also decided to give their BB cream a go. I must say it gave my skin a brightening effect. However, I have had similar experiences with almost all BB creams I have used. If you are of a fair complexion then, this BB cream will suit you.


  • Pure Matt: 750 Rs.
  • Color Play: 695 Rs.
  • BB Cream-Mineral beauty balm: 595 Rs.



Pure Matt: 155, Rebel

Pure Matt: 146, Lolita

Color Play: 130, Crazy Love

Color Play: 104, Rage

Pure Matt: 159, Stellar


: 130, Crazy Love  

: 104, Rage

: 155, Rebel  

: 146, Lolita  

: 159. Stellar

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Papaya Soap




Before we start, let me tell you everything I write here is from my own experience ONLY. I am not a specialist.

I have been using this soap for about two years I think, and it does WONDERS. The packaging isn’t that awesome, but the color is LOVELY.

Let me tell you a little bit about my skin first. My skin is oily. If I am in a humid area during summer time, my face is literally SHINING. In my first year of A levels I used to travel by a coaster. And during that period, my skin suffered a lot. My skin was exposed to a lot of sun and dirt because of which pimples started to grow. I also started to get tanned. In the sense, that my skin was becoming double toned. Which meant, extra darkening under the eyes, around the lips etc.

Basically, I had used this soap before, but in a dry environment. If you don’t know, papaya makes your skin dry. And too much dryiness isn’t healthy for your skin either. But after my move, my acne was getting worse, and I had to give this a go again. After using it for sometime, I noticed my pimples, and the spots left by those pimples both started to fade away. And my skin started to become single toned. It’s mentioned on the box below. See


I went to buy them again, so I decided to buy another soap of the same brand. It has milk and youghurt along with papaya. Dairy products really suit my skin, so I’ll give it a try. And then i’ll write a detailed review. I’ll insert a picture below of the short description.




If, you are living in a moist environment and have oily skin, I would recommend you a papaya soap. I believe, papaya soap is available everywhere, however I am not so sure about this particular brand. I have used two brands of papaya soap and both were fine. But somehow I just buy this one every single time. But still keep in mind, everybody’s skin is different so do ask your doctor before using anything.

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Color Studio Lipsticks


Pure Matte






The Color Studio lipsticks are by far the best lipsticks I have come across. They have three brands, Pure Matt, Colorplay and Color Rush. The two brands above are Pure Matt and Colorplay. Both the lipstick are easy to apply and are long lasting.  Colorplay isn’t exactly matte,  but it’s not shiny  either. Since the lipsticks feel light on the lips, you can use it regularly. A while after applying, you don’t feel like there is a coating on your lips.

The only thing that slightly bothers be is the sweet scent. It’s the kind that exists in a bakery. However, it isn’t that strong so I can ignore it.

Colorplay retails for 695 Rs. And Pure Matte retails for 750 Rs. If you want to check out their lip colors you can go here.

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Victoria’s Secret products review

Yesterday, I bought a few items from Victoria’s Secret. If you haven’t already heard about the sale then let me tell you, the prices of some items have gone as low as 25 SAR. There were several other offers which I didn’t pay much attention to. However, I still feel the best items are the ones which aren’t on sale.
Anyway, I have decided to review the products.

Bombshell: This is a body mist that my mom chose for herself. It’s probably one of the best mists I have come across. The fragrance is light but prominent. It’s a very feminine scent. This item was not on sale. It was retailing for 125 SAR, which I personally don’t feel is a reasonable price because of the price and quantity difference, but well.
Pros: Amazing scent.

Cons:  Over priced.

Aqua Kiss fragrance mist: First, I really love the blue shade. The shade played a huge role in convincing me to buy it. Second, I adore the scent. It reminds me of nature and sea. Also kind of gives a calming feeling. It’s original price was 70 SAR. But after sale it reduced to 25 SAR. In all honesty, I feel it’s a very good deal. Out of all the sprays on sale, this was probably the only decent spray present there. However, your opinion may differ.

Aqua Kiss body lotion: This one’s my favourite. I love the packaging. It not only smells good, but also feels good. You only have to apply a small amount and it leaves a nice lasting scent. The scent is a lot lighter than the spray, which I think is appropriate for a moisturizer. I probably won’t use it regularly. Maybe on special days or when I just feel like it. It was also retailing for 25 SAR after reduction. If you do a lot of water related chores, don’t buy this for regular use.

In conclusion, the products so far are all good. However, I do feel it’s slightly not worth the price (before sale). Bath and body works is much better in that regard.

Also I personally feel, VS has a alot of strong scents as compared to soft ones. But it depends on what you go for.
If you love to shop, are a VS fan, or just want to save a few riyals, I say go ahead and fill up your carts.

Ps. I went to Granada Mall.

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