After a long long time I felt content with my work. Almost all my experiments failed the whole of last week; therefore, this pair is truly a treat.

I just can’t crochet flip flops and sandals. I need a lot of practice to master the craft of making both the pair absolutely similar. So, it wasn’t difficult for me to decide what I have to do with the red and grey crochet threads that I have. I am personally a red and pink fan. Yes, I am that girly. Well, at least in terms of colors. Therefore, I saved these two colors to make something super cute. FInally, when I sat down to snap photos, I just did not want to stop. Yup, it is okay to fall in love with your work once in awhile. No, it will not count as you being haughty.

I should finally stop blabbering and move into the main deal.


I hope you like them as much as I do! ❤

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I hope Ramadan is treating you well.

In this extreme heat, fasts can be a little tough. However, the reward is also bigger.

Because of the weather, I was planning to buy very light materials to crochet summer friendly shoes for babies. Not that it is going to prevent them from taking their shoes off. But well. One can only try one’s best. If you have babies in your family, you will know what I am talking about.

Recently a customer specifically asked me to make some very light slippers for her niece. So I finally ordered cotton crochet threads, If you are following me on facebook, you must have seen those pretty colors. In the beginning, I thought crocheting with thread will be quite easy. All I would need is just using three strands instead of two. I assumed, it won’t be much different from the double knit yarn I used in the past. But, I was wrong. Making shoes with thread is a little tricky and took me more time.

I made these slippers using anchor ball thread. Anchor ball thread is quite shiny and has a slippery texture. Furthermore, I used a 3.5 mm hook because that is what I used previously when writing the pattern. But let me tell you, my project turned out to be wobblier than the project I made using DK yarn. When I was attaching the top to the upper, it kept slipping from my hand. Furthermore, I used a bigger hook so the stitches aren’t that close and does not look that neat. Nonetheless, I was able to make these slippers.

The one very important thing I learned is use a smaller hook. Shoes must be sturdy; so the stitches should be tight.  However, if you can’t use a smaller hook, crochet very patiently and try to keep your tension tight and constant.  Moreover, when sewing the parts of the shoes, use as many pins as you require. I used very less pins to secure the top in place and went straight in. The material is slippery and slight movements can change the positions of your parts. Take your time while sewing. Also, take your time while doing the whole project. Be patient. I have noticed untidy stitches are more obvious when you use thread. So work slowly buy work as neatly as possible. Last but not least, handle the final project with care. I just feel it ends up being quite tender.

However, the material is indeed quite good. So I would recommend all of you to crochet with cotton thread. I myself enjoy the feel of these slippers. Moreover, that shine makes it look quite fancy. You could easily pair it up with your baby’s fancy dresses for a special day. Or maybe,  you can make the perfect matching slipper for eid.

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I have been ignoring this blog for faar too long.

But now I am back.

My exams ended a week ago; Thankfully. Just after four days we entered Ramadan, Alhamdulillah. Now that I got some free time, I crocheted some sandals.


It took me a long time to come up with this pattern. I always wanted to crochet some cute baby sandals suitable for eid. I did crochet two pairs for my nephew but, I think they are not good enough. After several trials (and tears), I settled for this pattern. I just think it looks quite adorable. I also crocheted one in yellow.


Initially, I was making them for the purpose of selling. However, it’s extremely hot in Karachi. These sandals are made of double knit yarn which is quite warm. I might be able to sell them when I use a summer friendly material to make these.

My second thought was that I should write a pattern for these sandals. However, I am not sure if people will want a pattern for this. That is where you all come in. Would you like a pattern for this? Please answer in the comments below! I might write a pattern without asking but, there is no point if it is not useful to anyone.

Anyway, In sha Allah, there is a lot more to come from this blog. I will make sure I don’t skip days when I am suppose to post. At least, during vacations. Till then take care!

In sixth grade, our school took us to a field trip. I remember, I was very excited. All I could think was about the roller coaster, the haunted house, the boat ride and the food. What I did not think about was, who will I enjoy all this with. 
Yes, my friends, I was a loner. Partly because I had bad communication skills (probably still do). And, partly because my classmates were just down right meanies. You know, the brats.  Some were even like spikes

Before I delve into the story, let me tell you, I was an extremely naive child. I was one of those stupid people. I simply assumed anybody would accept me into their group and I will be good to go. 

However, the first time reality hit me, was when we were sitting in the bus. Everybody had some friend to sit with. So they already reserved the seats so they could be together during the ride. That meant, I could not sit in one of the already booked seats. Anyways, I still managed to sit with a girl who, I did not talk to at all. I think, she was probably just like me. 

The second time was, when we were actually at the park. After getting out of the bus, I was so clueless as to where to go. So I followed these girls from my class. I still remember their names and faces. I think I followed them enough to freak them out. Because, one of them said, “let us take her in our group, she is a alone.” And the rest immediately responded with a NO.

Yup, my ego was not at all fractured. 

Anyway, I eventually realized, I will probably get lost if I stay alone. So, I should be with someone at. Luckily, soon after the humiliation I found Fatima Jaffery and her friends.

Fatima Jaffery was also my classmate. Fatima and her friends were few of those who were nice to me. I didn’t really know them; nor did I know what they actually felt about me. But, If they never befriended me, they never bullied me either. And I think, that was the closest I got to being friends with someone during that time. 

So I asked her if I could tag along with her. And she said yes. Now that I think about it. Fatima actually did a huge favor on me. Considering the situation I was in, this was a huge blessing. She not only gave me some sort of safety, she also gave me company. I did not have to roam in that park all on my own. I did not have to sit on the rides alone. I did not have to eat my lunch alone. 

Just like how that “No” from the other girl is ingrained in my memory. So is Fatima’s “yes”. That trip would have been very difficult if I had not received that “yes”. 

So many times, people cross your path. You know, if that person hadn’t come to your rescue, you would have been in a very unfavorable situation. These people are sent by no one but Allah. It is beautiful how Allah is always there with His slave. He knew, I was distressed. I was worried. And he sent His creature to help me out. Whenever you come across a situation like this, don’t forget to thank your Lord. 



 For not leaving me alone. 

I skipped last week’s post.

And I am sorry.

I could go on and on about how I got busy with my exams and how I should have made time. But, well that is pretty much useless. Instead, I thought  I will talk about something interesting.

We all are toxic to some extent. And we all face toxic people everyday. Until and unless you are extremely lucky. I have divided these people into categories and I will share with you a few of them.


Or maybe you could. And improve yourself.

There might be several reactions to this article. You will try to relate these descriptions with the people you hate. For example your in laws or your colleagues. But, maybe for a change try to find yourself in those categories. After all, no one is perfect.

So let us begin!


Really, you will find this type of personality everywhere. Elements of this type can be found even within yourself.

Now all is well with these miserable beings. The problem starts when they come into your life.

Well duh.

This type does not know the meaning of happiness. Hell, they are the antonym of HAPPY. You don’t use sad. You replace it with their names.

When they enter a room, they suck the life out of everyon. I don’t know what is it about them. Without moving a finger they absorb all the cheers and laughter from the room. They ALWAYS have a frown on their faces. And, they always have a problem. If they don’t have a problem, they will create one. That is how they use their creativity.

Now this kind could be anyone. They could be your friends or your enemies. Nonetheless, wherever they will be, they will carry their gloominess with them. To an extent that, you will start feeling gloomy too.


*Sigh*. Now I AM ALWAYS MISERABLE is still tolerable to some extent.

But this one. Oh no. Not at all.

If you are an emotionally weak person, then this type will damage you. Psychologically. In fact, if they sense your inferiority complex, then oh boy! you are in for a tough time. They literally feed off of your distress. They will do everything and anything to make you understand that you are absolutely worthless. However, they are faaaar faaaaar better than you. Thus, you should strive to be like them.

But, no matter how hard you try to improve, they will never see it. So don’t bother.


Now, people in this category don’t necessarily have a superiority complex; they just strive to be better than everyone. However, in some cases they are like #2.

What these people do is that they make sure you are constantly reminded of all the misfortunes that are happening in your life. Now, you might be a person who likes to ignore your problems. However, a companion of this kind will make sure that you ALWAYS feel sorry for yourself.

For example, you got a bad instructor. You know the evil ones. So this type will say, “oh my God, you got enrolled in HIS class!!? I feel so sorry for you.” And, “How are you going to survive???!”

Even though, you have done enough of self-counselling and convinced yourself that you will manage. However, after listening to this person, you lose all that motivation and you are back to square one. My advice would be to NEVER share your problems with this person.


I can understand these people to some extent. But, the issue arises when they go to an extreme level. It is when, they twist everything you say. Even when you are saying something nice, they will think you mean something else underneath.

I honestly don’t want to give an example. It is just that, you stop talking around these people. You often feel suffocated in their company. You think 3000 times before saying something but, end up not saying it eventually. You try very very hard to rephrase your sentences in the best way possible but, it doesn’t change anything. The best thing to do around these people is to be quiet. That is the only solution. But, some very pessimist ones will make something out of your silence too.

Then, my friend, you have no way out.


It is very clear from the title what kind I am talking about. Now this type is a combination of all the above categories. They can’t see any good happening to you. Because of that reason they are always miserable. Even though, they are blessed with enough. They start telling people how they are better than others and put others down. They will remind you how many things are going wrong in your life. And, finally they will never take anything you say in a positive sense.

SO. That is all from my side. Can you think of any other kind of toxic people?

On a serious note, you will find these people everywhere. My advice would be to just ignore all of them. That is the simplest solution. Or else, you can never be happy. And obviously, for that take Allah’s help and invest yourself in His remembrance.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Do find me on Facebook and Instagram. I will wait for you there.

I didn’t realize, with the coming of a baby will come so many ideas.

Not that these slippers are any thing new. But, in my crochet journey, they are a  novelty.

When I first put my foot down and decided to design my own patterns, my first goal was to make it easy. I personally, had tonnes of trouble reading some patterns because of which I used to simply give up on the project. But well, that was a good thing because it motivated me just to go my own way and create my own patterns.

Therefore friends, I bring you a very easy, beginner friendly pattern for these cute baby slippers.

They are soft, cozy and stylish. Your little munchkin will rock it. In sha Allah!

I made one in blue. I also decided to make another pair with contrasting colors.



3.5mm hook. Double Knit yarn (13 WPI)

Size: 4.2 inch sole. 6-9 months.


15 hdc=4inches

12.5 rows=4inches

Hdc: half double crochet
Hdc2tog: half double crochet two together.SC: single crochet.
Sc2tog: single crochet two together
Sl st: slip stitch.



Row1: Ch13. Hdc in 2nd ch from hook. Hdc in next 10 ch. 6 Hdc in last ch. Hdc in next 10 ch.  5 Hdc last ch.

Row2: ch1. 2 hdc in each fo the next 2 sts. Hdc in next 8 sts. 2hdc each of the next 6 sts. Hdc in next 12 sts. 2hdc in each of the next 3 sts. Sl st Into 1st hdc. (41sts excluding sl st)

Row3: Ch1. Hdc into same stitch as ch1. Hdc in all sts all around. Sl st into first hdc.


Row 4: Ch1. Hdc in back loops only.

Row 5: ch1. Hdc next stitch. One Hdc2tog. Hdc in next 10 sts. One Hdc2tog. Hdc in next 6 sts. One Hdc2tog. Hdc in next 10 sts. One Hdc2tog. Hdc in next 3 sts. Sl st 1st hdc.

Fasten of.

17475326_10210775991053193_148506597_o (1)


*Leave a 13-14 inch long tail while making the knot.

Row 1: Ch 16. Sc in the 2nd ch from hook. Sc in all chs. Turn. (15 sts)

Row 2: ch1 sc in all sts across the row. Turn.
Row 3: repeat row 2. Turn.
Row 4: repeat row 2. Turn.
Row 5: repeat row 2. Turn.
Row 6: repeat row 2. Turn.

Row 7: Ch 1. Sc2tog. Sc 11. Sc2tog. Turn
Row 8: ch1 sc2tog. Sc 9. Sc2tog. Turn
Row 9: ch1  Sc2tog. Sc7. Sc2tog. Turn
Row 10: ch 1 Sc2tog. Sc5. Sc2tog. Turn
Row 11: ch1  SC in all sts.

It should look something like this.

Placing together.

Turn the body inside out. The right side facing towards you. The front part of the top should be attached to the front of the body. The side, to the sides of the body. Put the top over the body and pin it down. Sew the it to the upper using the long tail.


There you go!

So simple.

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Your support means a lot to me. It motivates me to keep crocheting and creating new designs.

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Look at this.

I am posting for the second time this week.

Well, I took a day off so, I got some extra time. Thus, I thought, I must acknowledge this award given to me by the lovely BeautyKnowsNoFlaws as soon as I can. Than you so much Bobby!

BeautyKnowsNoFlaws is a blog full of beauty; as the title already suggests. Bobby is an amazing makeup artist. Her makeup is soft and natural but the look still manages to stand out. But that is not all, she also discusses life in general in her series called dear diary. Do check her out!


Each nominee must THANK the person who nominated them and link their blog in post
They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image
Must add 7 facts about them
Then nominate 15 people

7 facts about me:

1. I stress out a lot. Almost 24/7.

2. I used to be a person full of self doubt. Now I am much better.

3. Crocheting calms me down.

4. I always wanted to start an online business. I think my dream is going to come true. (I think)

5. I love those ice lollies. Like the Jetsport ice cream. (or ice lolly).

6. I am very blunt. I don’t know how to not be straightforward.

7. I once tried to sell a crocheted mobile cover online. It did not sell. 😛

My Nominees are……

Some wonderful wonderful blogs. I would say some really talented ladies are going to take over wordpress. In sha Allah. CHECK EACH ONE OUT! You won’t be disappointed.

A lot of them are crochet blogs. Well, you know why.



Raising Rayyaan



Scottish Muslimah

Ruthie’s Crafting Corner



Renate Kirkpatrick’s Freeform


Storyland Amis


I am looking forward to all of your responses! All the best!

Till then stay in touch with me on Facebook.


Remember this photo?


If you are in touch with me on Facebook, you would know, I posted this photo last week and asked you all to guess what it is. One replied, it is a muffler. Well, it does look like one. However, it is something a lot better. At least in my opinion. Because, you don’t need a muffler in the hot and humid city that I live in. But, you certainly need a WALLET regardless of the weather conditions.

I gifted this wallet to my male cousin. After completing it, I showed it to my aunt to get it approved (she is a senior crocheter so I take her suggestions) and, the first thing she says is, “It looks like it is for a girl.”

I agree. 100%.

But I still managed to convince myself that it is for both the genders. You know. Neutral.

Anyway! Whether you make it for a man or a woman, it is certainly a pretty present to give to someone. It’s easy to crochet, the method is straightforward and will *hopefully* be very useful.

Before we begin, let me tell you, I did not have a plan while crocheting it; I just thought I would get lucky. That is why the pattern is not up to the mark.

What I used:

3 mm Crochet Hook. Beige color yarn- Brand, Super Robin Double Knit. Light yellow color yarn- Brand, Lana Para. Both are 100% acrylic.

The size:

Length=15cm. Breadth=I forgot to measure it. And now I gifted it. Sorry.


Sc=Single Crochet.

Dc=Double Crochet

What I did.

First crochet the two beige rectangles. 

For the wider rectangle, ch 17 and dc in all sts to form the foundation ch. Then dc in all the rows until the length was 15cm. That would probably make 15-16 rows.

For the other rectangle, ch 15 and dc in all sts to form the foundation ch. Repeat the same steps as the first rectangle.


In the second rectangle I dc on one side to increase the height and give a finished look. The other sides will be joined together.

It will look ugly now.

Second, join the two rectangles. 

Simply put both the rectangles edge to edge. Take the other color and single crochet the edging together. Sc all around the wallet. You should get an edging like the one you see in the second photo.



Third. Make a rectangle with the other color. 

Using the other color, crochet another 15cm long rectangle the same way. Then, join it with the rest of the wallet the same way explained in step 2. Well you are halfway done.


Fourth, make the strap.

Ch 20. Dc in 2nd ch. Dc in all next chs leaving the last. 6dc in the last ch.

Opp side: Dc in all next chs including the last ch. Then Ch 5. sl st into 1st dc to join.

Take the other color, and hdc all around the strap.

Then sew it at the top of the first rectangle. Not into it. only at the top.


Fifth, sew the button.

Sew the button in the same manner and you are done.

It is lengthy ; but, it is easy. And, beginner friendly. You are free to ask me anything you did not understand.

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We finally hit that century.

Yes we did. 

My Creative Hut community has finally reached the number 100!

All thanks to Allah for this success.

Yes success. For me this is a great achievement.

For many this might be a very small number. But for me, it is so much more. It makes me realize that all the hardwork that I put in the last 2.5 months did not go to waste. There are 100 people out there who want to be a part of My Creative Hut family. I cherish each and everyone of you. Every single like, every single comment and every single follow kept me going. All through out I had so many doubts but, the WordPress community never let me give up. There was always someone out there to support me. You all are truly amazing!

Here is a small progress I made through these 2 months that I want to share with you guys. Why, you are wondering? Simply, because I know there are so many of you out there wondering, when will you get followers. Well, I want to tell you with sheer hardwork, deligence and patience you will. In Sha Allah! When I took a screenshot of the 20 followers notification, nobody told me you will reach a 100 after a few months. But, I had this desire, this determination. And by the grace of Allah I can finally screenshot the 100 followers notification. 

Look, my point is very simple. You need to Believe. Believe in yourself. But most of all believe in Allah! 

I know I have not reached the peak of success. But this still means so much to me. And, I know there is always room for improvement; always room for progress. 

AlhamduLillah for everything. 

Simple Background Ideas for Product Photography

All bloggers face the dilemma of photography.

Most of us aren’t aware, that photography is an inexpensive process. We think we require a lavish studio like this to capture pretty pictures.


This is certainly not the case.

One essential part of photography is background. You can find some of the best backgrounds lying around your house. So let’s see what objects in our homes can be perfect backgrounds.

Cushions: We all have nice cushions in our houses. The pictures below are taken on cushions. Try to use cushion with pretty patterns and colors. Leather cushions are my favorite! I also like the velvet ones.


Garments: I used my shawl for the pictures below. In all honestly, it’s a shawl I use regularly. And when worn simply, it doesn’t look anything extraordinary. But, it certainly makes wonderful background. Do iron the cloth before using it.15878621_10210056915516754_1814507630_o15910313_10210056911756660_1973396254_n15934276_10210056918356825_291466672_o

Table mat: Nice table mats can be very useful. It can be used for both product and food photography.


Chair. Chairs have nice leather cushions as well. Or, there will be a nice pattern on it.dsc_0171

Floor. If you have nice shiny marble tiles on your floor. Then use it. In the picture below I should have used a reflector. However, I love this look as well.


Sofa. Even if your sofa is of one color but has a nice texture or pattern, you can use it as a background.16010001_10210127163512910_760003673_odsc_0760dsc_0002-copy

To some of the ideas you might be like,”Oh, I knew that already!” However, some might have benefited you. At least, now you know, you just have to shop for pretty clothes and cushions. 😛

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